Flat-bed Inkjet Pattern Cutting Machine


【Option】Description Description

【Option】This is an intelligent pattern design system,its des ign is base on human-habit, tools are easy

【Main Uses】make to measure,only input your measurement,you can get your patt ern immediately and size grading if you want,any modification is allow here,you are so easy and fast to get new


1.Real-time Adjust Speed And Force Accurately 。
2.No-ink Prompt
3.The Capability of Reverse Is Only One In The Worldm.
4.Memorize Position Of Present Plotting Automatically In Whole-procedure With Closed-loop System
5.Asynchronous Transfer Mode(ATM),Real-time Error Correction,Real-time And Bi-Directional Operation
6.Advanced Differential Graphic Docking And Positioning Technology.

Model WD-FJ1512
Resolution Vector:0.0125 Raster:600 DPI
Plotting Speed Vector:1200mm/sec;Raster:40-120Sqm/Hr
Cutting Speed 1300mm/Sec
Thickness Of Media 0.5mm-2mm
Line Quality Works precisely,shortly,and no gap between two contiguous sections
Compatibility HPGL(special format can be back-ordered)
Paper Installation Mode Front Pr Back paper-Supply System is optional
Machine structure Light air-metal platform,Mute High-vacuum suction,originally Imported slide-rail
Intelligent Catridge Memorize original point automatically,electronic soring fit paper automatically,pen-down accurately and plot clearly
Intelligent Safeguards Over-width and over-length alarm,no-ink alarm,over-load alarm and obstacle alarm
Paper Availability Plotting:45g-450g;cutting:45g-450g
The customer-order of 450g and up option os available
Power Availability 90/264V,47/66Hz
Max. Paper Feeding Area 120cm×150cm
Max. Cutting and Plotting Area 120cm×150cm
PC Interface RS-232,USB2.0
Operation Keyboard Digital keyboard is front of machine,real-time operating is easy and accurate

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