Inkjet Plotter Economical -Jet series


【Option】Description Description

【Option】This is an intelligent pattern design system,its des ign is base on human-habit, tools are easy

【Main Uses】make to measure,only input your measurement,you can get your patt ern immediately and size grading if you want,any modification is allow here,you are so easy and fast to get new


·Lowest operational cost and highest troughput.
·More production: Plot more square/hour, print highly detailed or annotated markers with no degradation in speed.
·Good print quality, resolution from 600 d.p.i. Best mode to 300 d.p.i. Draft mode, line thickness settings to help manage ink costs.
·Overnight printing; Print on a variety of media.
·Works with a wide variety of CAD systems.
·Lowest ink cost, Uses widely available HP ink cartridges.
·Operation is so easy, only one operator is required, the key-board design make rapid setting, rapid ink replacement.
·Space-saving, Light-weight can easy to move the machine; Front-floor load minimizes space requirements.

MODEL:(APOLO/EC Series)        
  WD-JET 165 WD-JET185 WD-JET205 WD-JET225
Feeding Width 175cm
190cm 215cm 235cm
Printing Width 165cm 185cm 205cm 225cm
Printing Speed 135m2/hour(2 head) 240m2/hour(4 head)
Ink head HP thermal inkjet head(600DPI)
Resolution 300-600DPI Ink-saving is optional
Line quality Precision,smoothly an no gape
Max.weight of roll 30KG
Paper thickness 25-65g
Orienting model Light Curtains
Feeding system 3000m accurate paper feeding by digital encoder system
Receiving system Auto-receiving or without receiver
Interface USB 2.0/NET port
Operate keypattern Digital touch pad,easy and use long time
Power 220V/110V;50Hz/60Hz
Working environment 5-50℃;0%-95%
Security According to Ui1950

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