Fabric Cutter for Sample or Small Production


【Option】Description Description

【Option】This is an intelligent pattern design system,its des ign is base on human-habit, tools are easy

【Main Uses】make to measure,only input your measurement,you can get your patt ern immediately and size grading if you want,any modification is allow here,you are so easy and fast to get new


1.The new model complies with European standard,major components are imported from Swiss.US ,Japan etc.
2.Separate setting on creasing pressure toward X and Y direction according to texture of corrugated board.
3.It adopts swiss high speed vibrating cutting tool, available for any depth setting of the blade.
4.Special salty sensory device meets the European standard.
5.Directly control on all sharp turnings of machine which is user fluency.
6.Configured vacuum muffler in order to lower noise to provide a quite and comfort working environment.
Technical specification:

Model  WD-FCS1410 WD-FCS1813 WD-FCS2516
Job Characteristics  The cutting machine runs with the computer ,transfers data in high speed, can be used continuously
Cutting speed 800mm/s~1150mm/s
Available material Clothing Material、Genuine leather、PU Leather、PVC Leather、Sponge、Composite materials etc。
Motor Servo Motor
Cutting Tool Vibration Cutting Head 18000Rotate/Min
Available Thickness 0.1~15mm
Cutting Precision/
Repeating Precision
Functions Marking、Creasing、Dotted line cutting、 Drawing and cutting
Cutting Size 1400mm x 10000mm 1800mm x 1300mm 2500mm x 1600mm
Resolution 0.025mm/0.01mm/0.1mm(Optional)
Interfact Component Linear guide/synchronous pulley/imported timing belt
Command System HP-GL and GP-GL comnatible mode
Controlling Panel Touch control LCD display
Air Pump Working Voltage AC380V ±10% 50Hz

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