Spreading and Cutting Table


【Option】Description Description

【Option】This is an intelligent pattern design system,its des ign is base on human-habit, tools are easy

【Main Uses】make to measure,only input your measurement,you can get your patt ern immediately and size grading if you want,any modification is allow here,you are so easy and fast to get new


Standard type:
It has the flexibility to match with other brand's auto-spreading machines requirement.
Special plastic laminate finished/hard board finished with special glue,guarantee strong and even long-lasting.
Together with the refined leg supports, our cutting tables are unbeatable by any other brand's cutting tables.
Our cutting tables are designed for mass production.Provide strong and smooth movement especially good for auto- spreading machines and automatic computerized cutting system.
Air float type:
By using tops pre-drilled with flo/vac chamber pre-installed of the table's surface. It floats the heaviest spreads and slippery fabrics for easier movement.
3.5hp~7.5hp high-pressure motor,air circulation is a lot more than any other brands'.
Easy to use; ever long-lasting. No special guarantee.
Provide one-year after-sell service.
By using the secret compartment, the air passages is a smooth for circulation.

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