Band knife Machine


【Option】Description Description

【Option】This is an intelligent pattern design system,its des ign is base on human-habit, tools are easy

【Main Uses】make to measure,only input your measurement,you can get your patt ern immediately and size grading if you want,any modification is allow here,you are so easy and fast to get new


Band knife Machine

WD-70I/90I/120I  Feature:
1.Adjustable speed to fit the different fabric.
2.With special blower decreases the resistance between fabrics and table ,
which enables the fabrics moved easily and be cut precisely.
3.Grinding stone device to keep the knife sharp.
4.Use the silicone rubber on the wheels to avoid the knife wavy and extend duration of the knife.
5.Knife blade replacement is easy for operators.
6.Grinding Device to keep knife clean anytime.
7.Safety indication lamp(once you turn on the power,the warning lamo will be lighted to inform users for safety.)


Model WD-70 I WD-90 I WD-120 I
Power  1P/220V
Motor  0.75KW
Table Size 1200×1500mm 1500×1800mm 1500×2400mm
Cutting Capacity 180mm 180mm 200mm
Arm Length 700mm 900mm 1200mm
Speed Control Variable Speed Control
Knife Size(mm) 0.45×10×3500 0.45×10×3860 0.45×10×4560
LXWXH Dimensions(mm) 1950×1200×1620 2250×1500×1620 2850×1500×1730
LXWXH Packing(mm) 1630×840×1840 1980×840×1840 2530×840×1930
N.W/G.W 270/310kgs 310/360kgs 360/390kgs

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