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New Technology in Winda booth during CISMA 2015

Winda Technology limited join CISMA 2015 during Sep 23th26th, several new technology was displayed during the exhibition. Include high speed template cutter for PVC, servo driver flat-bed inkjet cutter. Sample fabric cutter for garment development room or small quantity production.

Meanwhile, Winda latest super nester have attracted many winda old and new users, it can save extra 0.5-1% fabric compare winda super nester V3.5.  Help the garment factory to improve up 2-4% fabric compare with manual operation.

Winda Sample cutter can cut up to 5mm thickness, fast and accurate cutting help the garment development room to realized better efficiency.

Winda high speed template cutter can cut up to 5mm thickness PVC, acrylic, by using 2mm, 3mm, or 4mm drill. 
Accurate and without any pollution for environment.

Winda flat-bed inkjet cutter is the most high efficiency choice for paper cutting, it is the perfect combination by inkjet printing and paper cutting, thick ness up to 2mm.

Winda Team 

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