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WINDA technology limited is the leading company in the textile and apparel industry, specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales, exporting and after sales service in garment CAD/CAM/PMS, fusing, finishing, iron and press machinery and also the relative garment industry products like the racking system, energy saving system and the accessories. With the aim of reforming and promoting the traditional industries by means of the application of high-technologies and advanced practical techniques, WINDA products are designed to push the textile, garment and light industries to a higher level; to realize the design cybernation, process automation, control intelligentization and management informatization. WINDA technology always been striving to establish a technological entity as her chief objective. 
Through 20 years experience in Garment and Textile industries after developing, WINDA has formed the structure of pluralistic technology, systematic product lines, sales networks and international market operating, WINDA has been working hard in developing her own products with high-technology and intelligent properties mainly in 2 categories, 6 series with more than 100 different sorts of products. Till now WINDA sales network have developed to over 30 different countries and regions all over the world, covering a full-range network of North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle-East and Africa. Besides, WINDA has set up her own office in Vietnam, Combodia, Indonesia and Bangladesh, so that can provide the better service to the customer.

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